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Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority, Incorporated

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked....hope it helps?

  • What are the official colors of Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority, Incorporated?
    The official colors of Alpha Beta Sigma are Navy Blue, Sky Blue and White.

  • What is your nickname?
    We are referred to as ABS or Betas for short.

  • Why did you choose the giraffe as your mascot?
    The giraffe was chosen due to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which suggests Survival Of The Fittest.

  • Why did you want to start your own sorority?
    Although our predecessors consist of women of different backgrounds we saw the need for an organization that was founded on Latina, Afrikan, and Caribbean cultures. To bring enlightenment to and about these cultures, was and continues to be one of the main purposes of this organization.

  • What is your call?
    The Women of Alpha Beta Sigma use a very high TooooCute, as a means of recognition and identification.
    It is also an acronym.

  • Does Alpha Beta Sigma do community service?
    Yes, Alpha Beta Sigma is a service organization. You can find out about upcoming service activities via flyers, or you can always check the website, on the community service page.

  • If so, does Alpha Beta Sigma have a national philantrophy?
    Yes, Alpha Beta Sigma's national philantrophy is Sickle Cell Disease.

  • Does Alpha Beta Sigma plan to expand to other campuses?
    We are currently in the process of expansion in the Upstate New York and Savannah, Georgia Region.  The women of Alpha Beta Sigma would love to bring enlightenment to other campuses as well. If you would like to assist the women of ABS in this task, then you can go to the expansion page for instructions.

  • What does the baton symbolize?
    The baton is our way to pay tribute to the Founding Mothers, both of whom come from strong cheerleading backgrounds.

  • What do your colors, letters and call mean?
    Sorry, the answer to that question is exclusive to sorors only. Needless to say Membership has it's privileges
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