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Alpha Beta Sigma Sorority, Incorporated

Our Sisterhood

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Our Sisterhood
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Our Astounding Beautiful Sisterhood

     Since 1998 this sisterhood has been a genuine family. From dinner at a sister's house to chapter programming we have always been a family.  That is what is special and unique about this sorority.  We are family by choice.  Our sisterhood is driven by friendship and our friendship is genuine. 
     The founders faced serious obstacles in establishing this illustrious organization.  This only strenghtened their bond and intensified their friendship, which has been passed on to all sorors.  Our sisterhood is a place where we can laugh, cry, agree, disagree while always maintaining loyalty to ourselves, each other and our organization.
     To those of you who have stumbled upon this organization in search of something different, we thank you for your interest in our sisterhood.  For those of you who have chosen a BETA way of life...welcome home.
"Long live our Astounding Beautiful Sisterhood!"
"Desea vivo nuestra Hermandad Hermosa que Asombra!"